What is exactly BeSafe Rate?

An insured hotel rate to choose among the available rates on your website, doing so easily without any cumbersome procedures.

Your guest won’t have to “flag”, type in extra details, or be redirected to external links nor pay extra for the insurance policy. 


A Revolutionary Rate
that includes:

up to 100% refund of your booked stay in case of cancellation due to unexpected events
refund in case of theft or undelivered luggage
for the due refund in case of cancellation or delay of over 3 hours by airline companies
Cash advance
up to 250€ within 24h in case of theft of documents
Legal assistance
free for damage compensation during the stay
of unused booked days in case of premature departure due to illness or injury during the stay
of the hotel expenses in case of forced stay in the city of travel
roadside assistance on site
of medical and medicinal expenses in case of injury or illness during the stay

How BeSafe Rate works, in 2 minutes:

watch the video

BeSafe Rate is the non-refundable rate for your Hotel and refundable for your Guest.

Watch how BeSafe Rate
was born:

Which are the dynamics of BeSafe Rate

A long list of advantages, support and innovation:
  • Our service doesn’t have an entry fee. The insurance service which you offer to your guest, will be calculated only if the rate is sold.
  • BeSafe Rate reduces the risk of loss for your accommodation structure guaranteeing an increase of prepaid collections.
  • BeSafe Rate will be available only on the official website of your accommodation structure and will enrich the services offered.
  • With BeSafe Rate the guests’ reservation details provided is enough in order to activate the insurance policy. This is the innovative aspect of the rate which you’ll find exclusively on your selling platform.
  • Your guests’ Reservation with the BeSafe Rate safeguards both your Hotel, completely cancelling the issues caused by the non-refundable rate, as well as your guests who, without having to take any extra actions, will enjoy the benefits of the insurance included in the rate, which covers the reservation at 360°: a wide range of insurance accessories, complete legal assistance in case of damages caused by a third party as well as to request for refunds in case of delay or cancellation of the airline and much more.
  • The guest will have an indestructible armour, for them and their loved ones, to use before and during the booked stay in case of need. However, this time it won’t be your accommodation structure to lose out.
  • Your Hotel will increase the Prepaid reservations and lower last-minute cancellations, as well as boost the disintermediation from OTAs not to mention that the collections will be guaranteed.
  • Your accommodation structures will offer a complete and innovative product which will eliminate the cumbersome management of requests for refunds by a clientele impatient to be refunded: the insurance company will take care of this aspect.
  • The Assistance provided to your guests who have to cancel the reservation will be completely taken care of by our staff, who will manage all the statuses of the refunds from A to Z, allowing you to resell the accommodation a second time, therefore earning twice.
  • The Extranet provided is included in the service and will be connected directly to your Booking Engine, which will filter only the BeSafe Rate reservations with the few details needed in order to activate the insurance for your guests. Furthermore, the software will allow you to cover the guests who will book via e-mail or over the phone the same day, by manually adding the reservations.
  • At the end of the month the software will send you the invoice of the coverages that you provided your guests and who will have chosen to travel and stay without any risks.
come affiliarsi a besafe rate

We’re convinced that by adding BeSafe Rate on the official website it will increase significantly the revenue growth and a strong identification of the website and rateplan, guaranteeing a safe and winning way of travel.